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For over Four decades, Canamer® International has been providing reliable, cost-effective products to companies utilizing industrial fabrics. In the early 70’s Canamer® pioneered a covering system for which a patent was obtained in both the United States and Canada.

Over the years, Canamer® has expanded its operations to include coverings for a variety of bulk commodities used by government, agricultural and chemical industries. In 1982, trademarks on Polycan™ and AgriGuard™ were acquired to identify these specialty fabrics and aeration systems in the marketplace. Another patent was obtained in 1990 for a more ecological storage solution for bulk commodities. With improved aeration control, this system meets or exceeds the quality of any other conventional grain storage system at a much lower cost.

In 2003 the gridlock user system was invented and patented as the most reliable and multipurpose system for commodity and environmental protection.

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Case Study

Flatiron- Manson,
Minneapolis, MN

Building curtains for reconstruction of the collapsed I-35W bridge in the Twin Cities, Minnesota
Working Dates:
January 21, 2008 – January 25, 2008

Bridge workers needed a relatively warmer working environment out of the harsh Minnesota winter elements as well as ensuring that the concrete they are pouring cures well and evenly for guaranteed strength and longevity of the new I-35W bridge currently being built in the Twin Cities.

A 24 Mil High UV Woven Poly Tarp was fabricated in 4 four different sections to ensure that when assembled on site, it would be thick and strong enough to hold in the heat as well as insulate the working area. The tarps were reinforced with seat belt webbing and brass grommets were added to allow them to be easily anchored onto the structure. A special heat weld to the outer edge was added to them. They were then mechanically fitted together on the job site ensuring attainment of the tarps purpose.

Polycan® 12-350 High UV White/White 24 Mil, 1.5” 2200 lbs. Seat Belt Webbing and Brass #2 Grommets.

Canamer Case Study