historyPaul B. Double founded Canamer International in 1973. Previously employed by a major salt producer, Double was interested in adequately covering large outdoor piles of salt and other commodities to protect them from deterioration and prevent environmental pollution. After developing a covering system and obtaining patents for it in both the United States and Canada, Canamer expanded its operations to include covers for a variety of bulk commodities for government, agricultural and chemical industries.

Canamer has grown steadily and developed markets in a number of products related to the fabrics industry. In 1982, the company received the trademarks on the specialty fabrics Polycan and AgriGard. In 1990, Canamer obtained patents to update commodities covers that improved aeration control and reduced costs for grain storage. As a leader in commodity storage, Canamer is continuing to develop workable and cost effective systems for the future.

Since 1979 Canamer has been active in fabricating and installing containment caps. We installed our first geomembrane containment liner in 1985, and since then we have expanded our crew training and geomembrane vendors to include VLDPE, HDPE, CPE, EPDM and PVC. We worked with Poly-America, Inc. in 1988 on the installation of a state-of-the-art, 7-layer component synthetic landfill liner in Carroll County, Maryland, that used over 1.5 million square feet of geomembrane. In 1991, Canamer installed liners in Hopkins, Minnesota, protecting a residential neighborhood from methane gas coming from a landfill closed 10 years earlier. The next year, we provided fire pit containment liners in Alaska and water conservations flowage liners in Oregon. Since then, we’ve completed a number of unique environmental projects.

Recognized for quality workmanship, solid teamwork and experience with a variety of products, Canamer will continue to expand its operations and provide a secure future for our employees and support to customers.